We invite you to organize outdoor events, not only in the summer but also in winter.

We will take care of a varied schedule of sports activities, intertwined with warm food and various drinks. For lovers of relaxation, we offer a lazy feast at a lavishly set table, with a crackling fire in the fireplace and live music accompaniment.

Winter in the Manor

When snow appears, it’s time to start white madness: sleigh rides, snow scooter riding, cross-country skiing or snow ball battles. In winter scenery we can move to the world of trappers, organize winter Olympic games or raid of the robbers. Or it can be just a walk with a Nordic walking instructor in snowy forest, 3 hour ski trip or evening sleigh ride.

Winter at the Manor -Trappers' pogram

Trappers’ program:

We move to the world of trappers described by Jack London or James Oliver Curwood. We track wild animals in snow shoes, we shoot a hunting bow, we set up a trappers camp in the forest, we saw and chop wood and we drive dog teams...


  • dog team ride
  • bow shooting (3 stands)
  • airgun shooting (3 stands)
  • walking in snow shoes and setting a „trap”
  • chopping wood with an axe
  • wood sawing
  • trace recognition (team building game)
  • setting up a camp or making an igloo
Winter Olimpic Games

Winter Olimpic Games

Games participants are welcomed by representatives of the Olympic Committee. Then the Opening ceremony is held and a symbolic torch is lit. Competition starts in various disciplines including:

  • multi-person ski run
  • ice jockey
  • slalom –riding on bags
  • snow tubbing
  • biathlon, shooting the bear with a bow or cross-bow
  • snow scooter riding - slalom
  • dog team driving

At the end we invite all the participants to take part in the ceremony of awarding trapper diploma or Olympic medals, including hot meals at the crackling fireplace and evening party. The style and character of the event is each time agreed with the Client. We have presented you just two examples, but our offer is much wider. You can experience the raid of robbers, return to the 1920s when Al Capone and gambling ruled in the USA, or move to hot Brazil and celebrate the completion of the games in samba rhythm.

Winter at the Manor

Zima w Folwarku Zalesie - galeria zdjęć

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