The multi-purpose Manege Hall is a perfect place to organize a concert for several hundreds or even a thousand viewers. The assets of our concert room are:

  • very big space - 1150 m2 (size of the ground floor: 32 m x 20m)
  • big stage sized 12 m x 4 m
  • V.I.P. Hall sized 120 m2
  • modern multi-media system, screens, wireless microphones, projectors
  • adjustable lighting system with variable intensity e.g. for the stage only
  • full dimming option
  • cloakrooms, wardrobes, sanitary facilities
  • many additional halls to be used as dining rooms, coffee break rooms, intimate places for meetings, rest, etc.

We also offer:

  • vast parking lot for 30 coaches or several hundreds of cars
  • own food and beverage facilities
  • over 30 ha green area (including 15 ha forest) for organizing outdoor attractions and picnics

We will be happy to help you with logistics for your event by:

1. designing the event;
2. arranging the halls and tables for optimal effect according to your suggestions;
3. setting the menu and schedule of meals;
4. organizing and coordinating transport;
5. providing proposals of artistic programs.

On our stage

performed Polish artists such as: Video, IRA, Enej, AudioFeels, Wilki, Blue Cafe , Natalia Szroeder, Kayah, De Mono, Perfect

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