Folklore shows

We organise folklore shows for tourist groups with traditional Polish cuisine and presentation of Lesser Poland’s culture.

Folklore shows

We organise folklore shows for foreign groups with traditional Polish cuisine and presentation of Lesser Poland’s culture with dances and songs performed by a proffesional band. Our complex continues traditions of regional wooden architecture. Combined with its surroundings and beautiful panoramic view of the Beskidy and Tatra Mountains, the Zalesie Manor Complex is an interesting place for tourists visiting Wadowice, Oświęcim, Zakopane, Krakow or the Salt Mine in Wieliczka.

Our guests are welcomed by a folk band in Krakow folk costumes, live music, bread and salt and Old Polish fruit liquor, which is enthusiastically received by our guests. Then we invite them to our manor restaurant where we serve traditional dinner or supper with famous Polish dishes such as pierogies, bigos with potato dumplings, beef roulade with buckwheat and red cabbage or pork cutlet with fried cabbage.

During dinner the guests are entertained by the folk band composed of three musicians and two dancing couples who present costumes and music from the Krakow region in four subsequent suites. At the end of dinner the Lajkonik appears who invites the guests to have fun together.


Folklore shows
Folklore- attractions

It is also possible to order:

  • horse carriages or sleigh for rides in the neighbourhood
  • stands with folk items and handcraft shows:

          wicker weaver,


          wooden toys and birds,

          butter making demonstration and tasting.

  • culinary workshops:
    preparation and tasting of dishes, eg making dumplings, baking and decorating cookies
    learning professional table decoration
  • country games:
    throw a potato to the goal
    throwing a sack with hay
    horseshoe projection
    sawing wood "my-yours"
    hammering a nail into a stump

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