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Company's data

Location and access

Turning coordinates from the main road

N 49º54.90´
E 20º05.53´

Coordinates of Folwark Zalesie:

N 49º55.43´
E 20º06.15´

How to get to Folwark Zalesie? If you drive from Cracow please take the road to Wieliczka. In Wieliczka turn to Dobczyce and follow this road for approximately 10 kilometers. When you get to the borders of the villages Sieraków and Dziekanowice find our signboard and turn left into a side road ending with a steep uphill drive. On the top you should turn left and drive on for 400 meters untill you see the next signboard before which you shoud turn right. And right we are :-)

Company's data

Folwark Zalesie

Grajów 150

32-020 Wieliczka

tel. +48 12 271 28 93

tel./fax +48 12 271 37 14

Phone numbers

Nelly Michalska600 097 148

Dorota Cygan604 103 168

Władysław Łazarski600 097 147

Aleksander Michalski600 097 149

Maria Michalska-Zalewska608 791 751

Marek Michalski692 077 189

Monika Włoch795 951 560

Company's data:

Bank account number:

Bank KBS I O/Kraków

52 85910007 0020 0054 9310 0001

Number NIP: 683-18-60-211

Number REGON: 356379423